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Erectile dysfunction is a common and distressing, but treatable, sexual dysfunction effecting 150 million men worldwide, being more common in men above 40 years. Many people have been using conventional methods like cannabinoid CBD oil to stay longer in bed, leaving others asking how do you use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction?


To understand the concept. Let's start with the basics.

What is ED?

ED is a common male sexual dysfunction characterized by a man’s inability to achieve and maintain satisfactory penile erections. Various organic relational and psychological factors contribute to ED, deteriorating one’s quality of life and leading to depression and anxiety. Common causes of ED include neurogenic vascular metabolic psychogenic endocrine drugs like alcohol and tobacco and dehydration. CBD is known to deal with both the psychological and physiological causes. 

What is CBD cannabidiol?

CBD is a compound derived from the plant cannabis sativa. However, unlike marijuana, CBD does not make you high. CBD is now globally known for its medicinal properties. Available in the form of pill, capsules, oil, gummies, and creams, it reduces anxiety, stress, pain, and promotes the feeling of short-term relaxation. Similarly, it also helps control metabolic conditions like diabetes, mellitus type two, and sexual problems like ED and libido. 

CBD Erectile Dysfunction Doctor

CBD oil for ED

Does CBD oil help treat ED?

The answer to this question is maybe, because very little scientific research is available to support this claim. As already discussed, ED can have physiological and psychological causes. CBD can affect both.  

Due to performance anxiety

Anxiety and depression are common psychological causes of ED, leading to fewer sexual encounters and a lack of communication between partners. According to studies, CBD acts on the cannabinoid receptors, alleviates anxiety, improves mood, and helps treat ED due to performance anxiety. 


CBD improves blood flow to the penis

Inadequate blood supply to the penis, one of the major causes of ED, CBD might relax vessels leading to vasodilation and improved blood flow to the penis. CBD reduces vascular wall inflammation. Vasculitis and low-grade inflammation also contribute to ED through reduced blood flow. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects are one of the most important pharmacological benefits of CBD. It reduces inflammation in vessel walls, including those in the penis, promotes vasodilation, and treats ED by increasing blood flow to the penis.  

CBD Erectile Dysfunction Pump

How do you take CBD for ED?

Although not enough studies claim the usefulness of CBD oil in treating ED, many people want to know the right way to use it.  

CBD Oil is available in different formulations  

CBD Oil,

 the best and easiest way is to put a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue 30 to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse to allow CBD oil to exert maximum effects to treat ED. CBD oil is available in different strengths.  

CBD Tincture,

CBD Tincture produces similar effects like CDB oil on ED. Users can mix tinctures with food or drinks for oral consumption. However, the initial dose should be low and increased progressively until adequate results are achieved. 

 CBD capsules, CBD capsules are also very easy to take and effective for ED. CBD capsules should be taken orally with water for optimum results. Capsules are available in different strengths and one should start with a low dose gradually increasing the dose until desired results are achieved.  

Why is CBD oil best for ED?

CBD comes in different forms and all of them work well for ED.

It comes in different strengths and it is recommended  to begin with a low dose and increase it progressively. CBD oil works best for ED because it’s oral intake is effortless. It’s taste can be easily masked when it is taken with food or drinks. It is absorbed quickly and produces fast results. 

CBD is not only used to treat ED

It improves sexual health in many ways by increasing libido, enhancing relaxation, and   intensifying pleasure,  CBD oil is a very easy to use and effective relief option for treating ED. It is readily available and produces short-term results. By taking CBD oil daily, one can improve one’s sexual life and get more pleasure by staying longer.

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